Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Another 5p need to move forward

Step 9 £1.28 to £2.56

Method: Got to the station today and found a 5p. Strange as I had just been thinking how there had been a lack of finds to be found.

Planning: Need to make a decision on buying something with the money I have so far, to sell on. Cant keep on looking for coins need to move on to the next stage.
Its strange but Ive become protective over the money Ive found so far. I suppose its because it can take so long to find just 1p, each 1p is then very precious, lol especially when you've probably got a pocket full of change. Still can't cheat. Needless to say I dont drop pennies on the floor any more.

Things are very busy at present trying to move house, organise a major birthday party. Feel like Im chasing around a roundabout trying to get on.

Starting Bal: £1.47
Finish Bal: £1.65
To complete step: £0.91


  1. You might want to do what I did in the first stages. I panhandled from friends without telling them why. It was hard to get them to stop once I'd reached a point where their change wasn't making a big difference...lol..It did get me through several of the early steps though.

    I also collected aluminum cans to sell to the scrapyard and bottles for their returns. I find I still do it because it has become habit. It helps the environment that I am picking the discards up and it adds little bits to my fund.

    I will add your link to my blog. Good like on your journey...)