Thursday, 4 March 2010

Hmmm Ive been thinking, always dangerous :-)

To truly double your way from nothing to a million would mean that you cant use your computer until you can afford to buy one from your doubling efforts.

Oooh! that's a contentious statement, ...I mean if you said to a homeless person double your way to a million my friend, there are coins to be found on the floor to get you started. That person wouldn't be able to fund a computer until about step 17.

I notice some people are using click back programs like ClixnCash, where you get paid for clicking on adverts. Now I'm playing devils advocate here and personally who cares how you get to a million. I just wonder if some of the lessons are being missed by following these routes and are these people setting themselves up to fail.

In his article Stuart Goldsmith makes a big point of saying that the 'master strategy' is to "use the stake money to create a value which you can sell for more"

I'm trying to find the value that is being created in a click back ad and maybe Im missing it. Maybe someone can point me in the right direction.

Likewise with buying and selling shares, I could see the value if a share advisory service was setup. I'm failing to see any added value with literally buying and selling which is bordering on gambling (contentious again). Which is another route that Stuart Goldsmith makes the point that you are highly likely to fail on.

Please bear in mind still that I am playing devils advocate here and not wishing to attack peoples chosen methods, each to their own.

I'm more questioning whether there are bigger lessons to be learnt by taking other directions. Maybe ones that will lay the foundations for bigger gains.

I'll get off my soapbox now and wish you all the luck you deserve.

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