Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Damm ... and Brainwave! ... I can sell to myself

Step 9 £1.28 to £2.56

OK thats not good. I had picked up a few coins here and there so decided to add them to my stash and have a count up. Counted up and with the few extra coins I added I have £1.50. Damm somewhere I have lost over 15p or the kids have done a moonlight raid :o(. Ah well so stash is now £1.50.

I have been pondering the issue of not using stuff that you already have and using only the "cash from the stash" (hey I like that, has a certain ring to it). Anyways I digress. I, like im sure many people have, loads of 'stuff' in their house that can be sold. However the rules say you cant use stuff that you already have...

Rule 12 says ~ You are allowed to add your labour. For example, you can buy raw materials for £20 (stake money), and rework them into something which you sell for £40. You will quickly realise the limits of this approach, however, and this is a powerful teaching lesson. You can't get rich by working in a conventional manner.
Ultimately you will have to trade - buy and sell or start a profitable company with the stake money. Now please reread rule seven.

Rule 7 says ~ Throughout your doublings, you will need several different strategies. It's obvious that the strategy for turning £1.28 into £2.56 will be different from the strategy for turning £160,000 into £320,000. Because of this, rule 7 (the most important rule) is: Don't worry about how you are going to manage future doublings. Concentrate only on the current doubling. (Thinking too far ahead will discourage you. Avoid deadly thoughts like this: “Sure, I can double £5 into £10, but how am I going to double £40,000-£80,000? It’s impossible. I may as well give up now.”)
More than anything, this is an exercise in mind power. You can ruin your chances of
success if you fret about step twenty whilst on step three. It will stop you progressing. You'll be thinking: "This is nonsense. How am I going to turn £80,000 into £160,000? I can't do that!" And this whilst you are on step five - trying to turn 16p into 32p! As you progress, the next step will seem easy. For example, having successfully turned £5,000 into £10,000, you'll have some good ideas about how to turn £10,000 into £20,000. But you won't have these ideas whilst you are several steps before this - so don't worry about it. Concentrate on the step you are currently trying to achieve, and ONLY this step.

Rule 13 says ~ The 'master strategy' which works for every step is as follows:- "Use the stake money to create a value which you can sell for more."
Ponder on this, meditate upon it. Herein lies the key to your success. Incidentally, this is the master strategy behind every single company, large or small, across the globe.
People will only part with money for something of value to them. Anything else is a 'con'. My entire philosophy of life is creating values which fulfil needs resulting in honest trade. Anything else is highly likely to fail. You could gamble the stake money (e.g. place a bet on a horse), but because you are not creating values, you are most likely to fail and lose the lot.


OK ive digressed again (Im going all over the place today)... So Ive checked the rules and it doesnt say anything about buying 'stuff' from yourself using the 'cash in the stash'. So that's what I will do, rather than buy some old tat from somewhere to sell on, I shall sell my own tat to my TMill enterprise using the cash that i have found. That way all parts of the rules are being adhered to. :-)

That way I can help both out as have just sold house and have a lot of stuff to clear.

Fantastic! ... onwards to the stars!

Starting Bal: £1.65
Finish Bal: £1.50
To complete step: £1.06


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  2. I have bent teh rules a lot since I started doubling - even spending the money I have made through necessity. I have still managed to earn a lot more than before just because of ideas that the doubling project has given me so do not be afraid to change the rules to suit you!