Sunday, 31 January 2010

Step 4 £0.04 to £0.08 -

Step 4 £0.04 - £0.08

Method: Continue searching for lost coins on the ground, finding the 5p in the previous step has meant I only need to find 1p to complete this step.

Planning: Keep an eye out when ever out walking

Starting Bal: £0.07
Finish Bal: £0.07

Step 3: £0.02 to £0.04 - COMPLETED

Step 3 £0.02 - £0.04

Finding the 5p in step 2 has meant that this step is also completed. So onto step 4.

Step 2: £0.01 to £0.02 - COMPLETED

Step 2: Double the 1p I found to 2p

Method: Ground searching again

Planning: None

Decided as the 1p search was pretty easy Id go out again outside the house. Walked to the bottom of the road checking the ground where cars normally park. Found 1p at the top of the road, carried checking on the way back and found 5p wooo hooo. Thats bumped me up to the next level.

Starting Bal: 1p
Finish bal: 7p

Step 1 - Find a penny - COMPLETED

Step 1 - Find a penny

Ok I decided to just walk outside the house around our cul-de-sac and see what I could find. Came back with 1p so thats the 1st step done.

Its weird because although its only 1p its also a strangly exciting feeling.

Starting Bal: 0p
Finish bal: 1p

Step 1 - Day 1

Step 1: Find a penny lying on the ground, or be given it without asking for it.

Method: Check out the pavement when next walking down the street.

Planning: None

Reminder re Adding Value

Having looked at some of the other blogs I will lleave this here as a reminder to myself.

"Use the stake money to create a value which you can sell for more"


Many years ago I sent for a booklet which duly arrived. "How To Double Your Way to $1 Million in 28 Steps". The little gold booklet is still somewhere in the house, but I never did anything with it.

Recently for some reason it popped back into my head and I did an Internet search. This resulted in finding several sites relating to it, so I have decided to give it a go. If nothing else it will be an interesting project to show my kids. Maybe they can learn from my mistakes.